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Changes to use of orphan copyright works

Creators and copyright owners alike need to be aware of proposed changes to the Copyright Act that will see “orphan works” opened up for broader use, with a liability limitation scheme where copyright owners cannot be identified or located.

ACCC sues Google re click-wrap privacy policy

The ACCC clearly intends to be front and centre in relation to the protection of data. It has this week commenced a Federal Court proceeding alleging that Google engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct by asking consumers to click an “I agree” button without consumers being explicitly informed about certain data collection changes to which they were purportedly agreeing.

ACCC discussion paper on agricultural machinery after market

An ACCC discussion paper on the after-market for agricultural equipment raises competition concerns around access to, and control of, data, for example interoperability with other equipment and ownership issues. There seems to be an expanding trend for the ACCC to be interested in data issues, rather than intellectual property law.

Aboriginal flag copyright decision

The Australian Aboriginal flag is not only an important national symbol, but its copyright is privately owned. This has seen some recent controversy. A recent Federal Court decision granted a preliminary discovery order to identify a potential infringer.