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Launched in May 2020, Stratocumulus Legal is a Perth-based consultancy with a focus on intellectual property and related areas of law.

Our work includes advising on strategies for businesses to understand their rights and obligations, to protect, defend, and exploit their intellectual property, while guarding or responding against claims made by others.

More businesses than ever before are increasingly exposed to intellectual property in their everyday operations with the onward march of digital technology, artificial intelligence and automation, whether to protect their own innovation, or to ensure that they do not encroach on the rights of others.

Our capability also includes add-on support for existing legal teams with commercial dispute resolution / litigation.

Stratocumulus Legal’s principal is David Wilson, an experienced intellectual property lawyer, who has also built up a significant breadth of more general legal experience over some 20 years’ experience at global law firms.

Collaborative & complementary

We are analytical, thorough and strategic, yet always personable and approachable, and take a logical and systemic approach to get to the heart of the commercial problem, offering thoughtfully decisive solutions.

We are flexible and happy to work with you in a way that works for you, whether we sit within your office (if current social distancing requirements permit!) or work remotely.

Our preference is to fix our fees for work (or for stages of work) so that you can be in control of the budget. However, if circumstances require, we can still work on the basis of hourly or daily rates.

Stratocumulus Legal can work and integrate with existing legal teams (whether in-house or external lawyers), to provide clients advice in our niche that is complementary to the work of the core legal team. Small-scale and discrete jobs are fine with us!

Where required, Stratocumulus Legal will also work with patent or trade mark attorneys to advise on registrability, validity or prosecution of registered intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property is valuable

Stratocumulus Legal understands that most businesses both own and use intellectual property, and is therefore familiar with not only the commercial value and opportunity that intellectual property can bring to a business, but also the threats that can arise from even inadvertently misusing intellectual property owned by others.

Common scenario

As an example of our work, an only-too-common scenario is the creation or development of intellectual property during the time two parties are in some sort of business relationship (whether employment, contractors, joint-venturers, partners, co-directors, co-owners, etc), but at some point, one party finds the other using the intellectual property and a dispute ensues.

  • What is the intellectual property? Is it recognised at law?
  • What rights does it afford?
  • Who created it? Accordingly, who has the right to own it?
  • Who else may have permission to use it?
  • Is the intellectual property being infringed? What can be done in response?

These are often not straightforward questions. Different types of intellectual property have different rights and characteristics, and a bespoke approach is required to develop the the most appropriate strategy. ☁︎