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Intellectual property legal consulting and advisory

We advise clients on legal strategy in relation to the subsistence, identification, proprietorship, exploitation, licensing, assignment and infringement of intellectual property rights including:

  • copyright
  • patents
  • trade marks
  • designs
  • confidential information, trade secrets & data
  • domain names

Among other things, we can also assist with:

  • Applying for registered Australian trade marks
  • Intellectual property audits for your business
  • Intellectual property training for your people
  • Intellectual property due diligence
  • Advising on unfair competition and trade practices issues under common law and the Australian Consumer Law, including passing off and related misleading or deceptive conduct
  • Advising on regulatory compliance for tech business models and the use of tech within those businesses

We are more than happy to complement or integrate with existing legal teams to advise on niche issues or scope (eg. intellectual property issues) arising within larger matters. Small or discrete jobs welcome.

Commercial dispute resolution / litigation

We can offer legal teams (including in-house) additional support with commercial litigation and dispute resolution, including on a secondment basis. Contact us to discuss.

Japanese language / intercultural support

See our capabilities here. ☁︎