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Q. Why the name “Stratocumulus”?

Traditional law firm names are boring. Descriptive names are limiting. Launched in late May 2020, we wanted an abstract name that gave the ability to create an identity concept that stands out.

Q. Doesn’t the clouds concept lend itself to endless terrible puns?

We’d like to think so. With my kids, I specialise in bad dad jokes after all. Are we reaching for the sky? Are our heads in the clouds? Do ever-shifting cloud forms represent the intangible nature of intellectual property? Do we look for silver linings?

Q. But the clouds in your website images aren’t actually all stratocumulus, are they?

Well spotted. No, of course they’re not. We’re not taking the name that literally! All the cloud images come from my personal collection taken over many years. Some were taken in off-the-track locations, others around the corner from home. (Did you notice that the website randomly loads a different header photo each time? You never know what you might get.)

Q. So what exactly are stratocumulus?

Stratocumulus clouds protectively cover the sky. There are a number of species and varieties – I rather like the look of stratocumulus undulatus.

Without them the world might be a hotter, different place. To draw a metaphor or pun, maybe this is just like a comprehensive legal strategy, without which things can get hotter and more difficult for businesses. ☁︎