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“Robot as Inventor” recording available

The full recording of my presentation last month to the Perth Machine Learning Group about robots as inventors, and artificial intelligence creating intellectual property, is now uploaded and available. Better watch it quickly before something changes and it goes out-of-date!

Founder Stories interview

Part of the Tank Stream Labs “Founder Stories” series, I was interviewed this week about my experience launching Stratocumulus Legal during the pandemic and the juggle being a parent. Watch the recording here.

Upcoming presentation: Robot as Inventor; Robot as Infringer

I am presenting to the Perth Machine Learning Group on 2 September 2021 on the topic: “Robot as Inventor, Robot as Infringer”, looking at the recent Australian Federal Court world first decision that an AI system can be an inventor for the purposes of the Patents Act, and also look at infringement issues when teaching your machine learning robot.

Exhaustion of rights reinvigorates permissible use of patented products

Patent owners can no longer use their patent to control the use of a patented product after sale, with the adoption of the “exhaustion of rights” doctrine in Australia. This will have significant impact on planned obsolescence of goods and toward permitting the repair, improvement and reconditioning of products and better facilitating the “right to repair”.