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Who owns the IP in content autonomously created by generative AI? Can a robot infringe third party IP? What are the implications for these issues for startups and businesses that are increasingly using AI tools and autonomously generated content in their operations?

These were the issues that I discussed in my early start presentation on Wednesday this week (10 May 2023) to Morning Startup. We had a lively discussion during the presentation, which spilled over to some interesting conversations with participants afterwards. All which shows that these issues are real and being faced by businesses already – they are not only possible future risks.

An interesting parallel that we looked at was how copyright law initially struggled 140 years ago (in the 1880s) to deal with the notion of authorship (and therefore subsistence of copyright) in the context of the scientific/mechanical creation of photographs, which has some parallel to issues arising around the authorship of automated content today. What’s old is new again!

Here is the recording of the presentation. My talk starts at around 19:15.

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